GONG Chu, Oscar


Lawyer Gong's team has processed more than 100 criminal cases with foreign factors involved and more than 1,000 cases of other categories involved with foreign factors.

Awards: Leading foreign legal service lawyer of China, Leading foreign legal service lawyer of Guangdong Province, Leading foreign legal service lawyer of Shenzhen City, Legislation Consultant for Shenzhen City People's Congress, Mediator for Shenzhen Intermediary People's Court, Recommended defense lawyer nominee in China 2019, 2021 by Global Law Experts, Recommended defense lawyer nominee in China 2018, 2021 by Corporate Int’l Global

Selected Publications:

Article,“On Foreign Criminal Suspects Defense”, April, 2020

Article,“Comment on Leading Lawyers in Foreign Legal Services”, October, 2018

Article,“Guidance of Extraterritorial Service”, June, 2017

Article,“On Escrow System in Foreign-related Legal Services”, June, 2011

Book,“Study on Transnational Commercial Presence of Chinese Law Firms”, April 2015

Brief description:

GONG Chu (Oscar) started his foreign legal service lawyer career in 2005 and now focuses on criminal defense and major litigation/arbitration. In 2015 Lawyer Gong created his own law firm CHINA LAW FIRM, GUANGDONG which is growing steadily. Lawyer Gong has processed many cases of different categories with foreign factors involved, and he has processed around 100 criminal cases involved with foreign factors, which are mainly cases of drug trafficking, hacking fraud, trade fraud, homicide & personal injury, etc., such as: Defending a heroine trafficking suspect from Pakistan, Defending a marijuana trafficking suspect from UK, Defending a marijuana trafficking suspect from the USA, Defending a mainland Chinese homicide suspect who killed a Hong Kongnese, Defending a suspect of intentional injury from UK. A foreign language speaking Chinese lawyer who is specialized in criminal defense could bring better result with higher efficiency for a foreign suspect than other Chinese lawyers who need assistance from an interpreter/translator in the work. For example, the better result with higher efficiency in foreign criminal suspect defense can be reached by Lawyer Gong through his work including but not limited to: Visiting the suspect directly and communicating freely with him/her; Communicating with his/her family member(s), colleague(s) and/or friend(s) directly; Communicating with or reporting to the embassy/consulate that is from the suspect’s country to China, needing no help from a language worker. All these work, if put together, may result in elimination of worries and concerns and misunderstandings that often lead to wrongful/unfair comments to Chinese justice also the embassies/consulates of the suspect’s homeland to China to the largest extent.

Good also at litigation and arbitration, lawyer Gong has processed around 1,000 cival and commerical cases contentious and non-contentious, he also works as arbitrator at several arbitration commissions and has heard and decided many cases. For major litigation and arbitration, you know the best choice for your attorney at law in mainland China.


Very few Chinese lawyers hold CATTI certificate i.e. China National Professional Translator Certificate. This certificate is important as in all cases involved with foreign factors you need a translator. With this certificate the lawyer can both be an attorney at law and a professional translator in front of the judges/arbitration commissions. This makes the work of the lawyer more convincing in front of the judges. Lawyer Gong holds CATTI certificate.

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