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GONG Chu, Oscar


Among DeHeng's 1600 plus lawyers and paralegals in China and around the globe, Lawyer Gong's team has processed more than 500 cases including civil cases, commercial cases and penal cases involved with foreign factors. Some of these cases were reported by leading media units in China such as China Central Television (CCTV), South Metropolis Daily, Apple Daily, Oriental Press, Ming Pao Daily and East Week, also by non-Chinese media in other countries. Lawyer Gong is specialized in litigation (civil and penal), and arbitration. Lawyer Gong, for his reputation of honesty and uprightness, was elected as commissioner of Lawyers Discipline and Professional Morality Committee with Shenzhen Lawyers Association (SZLA), also commissioner of International Working Committee with SZLA, then vice chairman of it. Lawyer Gong published his own law book with Law Press (top law publisher in China), which contains 325,000 Chinese characters in total, and he published 4 law articles at core journals, and he wrote around 200 law essays these years, some were published on magazines and/or collected by books.

L.L.D. at Renmin University of China
Member of International Bar Association
Member of Association of European Attorneys
Talent lawyer selected by Chinese Ministry of Justice
Leading Talent Lawyer of Guangdong Province
Legislation Consultant for Shenzhen City People's Congress
Mediator, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Mediator, Shenzhen Intermediary People's Court
Vice Chairman, Shenzhen Lawyers Association Int'l Committee
Arbitrator, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA), etc..

CHEN Bin, Alan

Before joining DeHeng Law Offices (Shenzhen), Chen Bin, Alan worked as in-house legal counsel at ZTE Corporation and another transnational enterprise SANGFOR, and participated in a series of transnational investment and mergers. Chen Bin stationed in other countries and worked closely with local law firms in relevant projects. He is master of international economic law at Wuhan University and works with both English and Chinese. Mobile: +8618688721506. More>
SU Yan Yan, Jane

Administration Director

HAO Qi, Kathy


Dr. Kathy Hao is American citizen, she is a law professor and she immigrated to the USA after she graduated from university and worked in Beijing for a few years. In the USA, she took bar exam and became a famous lawyer in California. Lawyer Hao is expert in immigration and investment to the USA, and to China. She runs her own law firm: www.tcwlaws.com. More>
TIAN Tian, Thomas


Mr. Tian is Chinese citizen and he is expert in foreign investment and commercial consultation, he worked in Middle East, West Europe, America for many years. Mr. Tian was invited by top institute to do research on investment inward and outward, his research specially focuses on investment with foreign venture background. Mr. Tian is insightful in many affairs related to our legal services. Mr. Tian's contact email: lawrule@126.com.  More>


Vadim is Russian citizen and he is expert in Russian foreign investment law. He has behind him a strong legal team and social network in Russia. Vadim is working as a lawyer and his law firm is based in Moscow City. His contact email: vadim.konyushkevich@lp.ru.  More>