We provide the following legal services:

1. Dispute solution
a. Arbitration
b. Litigation, civil/penal
c. Mediation

2. International trade affairs
a. Follow up purchase order
b. Send warn letter
c. Make warn telephone call
d. Pay visit to seller office
e. Seller verification
f. Contract drafting
g. Letter of guarantee drafting
h. NDA, NCA, NNN drafting
i. Meet with sellers to witness signing/sealing
j. Escrow
k. Debt collection

3. Investment services
a. Consultation
b. Due diligence
c. Negotiation
d. Contract drafting
e. Fund transfer
f. Company setup

4. Marriage and family affairs
a. Consultation
b. Divorce
c. Child support
d. Inheritance
e. Lawyer certification
f. Court representation

5. Legal consultant
a. Long-term or short-term legal consultant
b. Special item consultant

6. Criminal defense
a. Drug dealing
b. Smuggling
b. Others

7. Other services
a. Service items need to be processed by international lawyers

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