We processed the following cases for clients: 

1. Represented an Indian company in arbitration with CIETAC against a Taiwan ventured company in Shenzhen and won the case 4 times.

2. Represented a company in China and collected compensation from a world 500 biggest company in South Korea.

3. Processed a property pledge task for one of world's 500 biggest companies for a several million USD deal.

4. Worked for one of the world’s biggest stone processing machine companies in Germany and prevented this client from being cheated in a 5-million Euro contract , plus rendered serial services to it.

5. Got refund plus compensation for a South-Eastern Asian company against a Chinese machine trading company.

6. Represented a Hong Kong electronic company against a Shenzhen company for violation of intellectual property rights.

7. Sued a factory in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province for a USA factory.

8. Solved alimony dispute between a Swiss merchant who wanted to separate with his girl friend who gave birth to his kid.

9. Solved children support dispute between a mother in the USA and her husband in Fujian Province, China.

10. Collected money for a Saudi Arabian company from a company located in North Eastern China.

11. Collected money from a seller who got paid but failed to deliver goods to a British buyer.

12. Processed partnership agreement between a USA investor and a Chinese party.

13. Processed a quality dispute between a South-American buyer and a Shenzhen trading company.

14. Processed purchase dispute between a North American mechanic company and a big-scaled Chinese metal production company.

15. Processed a dispute between a Turkish buyer and a Guangdong supplier, FedEx and EMS were involved.

16. Processed a divorce case between a British citizen and his Chinese wife.

17. Made a Hong Kong trading company refund money to a Germany company.

18. Represented a British citizen in London sued by his Chinese wife for divorce, cut down alimony burden greatly to his satisfaction.

19. Collected money for a USA merchant from a scammer located in Nigeria who tried to do money laundry in China.

20. Defended a woman who was charged for killing her Hong Kong husband, got a best result for her i.e. a few years imprisonment only. 

21.  Made a foreigner exempted from penal punishment from China penal court, he was charged of intentional injury which caused a Chinese serious injury.

22. Processed a divorce case between a Chinese woman in Guangzhou and her French husband.

23. Defended drug dealing case for USA citizen.

24. Defended smuggling case for European citizen.

More cases are done every year, and, limited by energy, our web page does not display all our important cases.

To protect privacy for clients, names of our clients are not disclosed. Please verify with us when necessary.

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