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In 2013, Lawyer Gong got no punishment result for a foreigner charged with crime


In 2013, Lawyer Gong was retained by a client from Europe who caused serioud injury to a local Chinese person in southeast China and was charged with crime of intentional injury, facing danger of losing freedom and chance to get visa to China again. Lawyer Gong worked hard on this case, went to the crime site to investigate a few times, talked much with the client, his family and people around him, also talked much to local police, procuratorate, judges. Lawyer Gong also set up close contact with the consulate of the client's motherland to China to gain cooperation and support. Lawyer Gong worked day and night to study relevant laws on this case, made piles of defending documents, and exerted his high ability of oration in court. With all his efforts, after a few months of hard working, the court gave no punishment judgment. This foreign client is now free. (To protect privacy of the client, his data is not divulged here, you can confirm face to face with Lawyer Gong.)